Stone and Blood

The curses have been lifted. An old enemy has returned. And the kingdom is at stake.

My nights are as hot as dragon fire, and I realize that loving four men is the least complicated thing in my life. My magic has been unleashed and now I can save the men I love.

But the curse clings to Caliban and he and I are forced to seek help from the reticent Fae Council. Trystan and Gwayne must return to Caledonia, where an ancient evil has taken root in my home. And when they’re captured, the men are forced to decide if a band of thieves can be trusted with my life.

Inexperienced in magic, but determined to protect my kingdom, I strive to master my magic with Septimus's help. But one man is hiding a secret, one that threatens us all.

Stone and Blood is the second book in the Magical Kingdoms and features a steamy romance between one woman and four men while they battle ancient enemies in this epic fantasy romance novel ripe with heat, action, mystery, magic, and above all else, love. This book has a complete story arc before a cliffhanger epilogue.

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About the Book
Series: Magical Kingdoms, Book 2
ASIN: B07GFF5216
ISBN: 1729091393
List Price: 9.99
eBook Price: 3.99
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