Stone and Ash

My reign has begun. War looms in the distance. And danger prowls my court.

The crown rests light on my brow but weighs heavy on my heart. To marry a foreign king would break my heart, but to choose the four men I love means starting a war. The battlefield is not my only fear. Danger stalks the halls of the castle and a darkness grows within me. Only with the steady guidance and firm hand of Septimus will my body and soul be tamed. The only way I’ll survive to fight any war is by trusting Gwayne, Trystan, Caliban, and Septimus. But traitors hide behind familiar faces and caring smiles. I may survive . . . but will my heart?
Stone and Ash is the third book in the Magical Kingdoms and features a steamy romance between one woman and four men while they battle ancient enemies in this epic fantasy romance novel ripe with heat, action, mystery, magic, and above all else, love. This book has a complete story arc before a cliffhanger epilogue.

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About the Book
Series: Magical Kingdoms, Book 3
ISBN: 1793949115
List Price: 9.99
eBook Price: 3.99
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