The Magical Kingdoms

(Romantic Fantasy, Reverse Harem)

A princess determined to break her curse. 

Her kingdom under constant threat. 

Four men, scarred by magic, determined to reclaim their humanity. 

In an epic journey through a magical world filled with adventure, heartache, tragedy, and steadfast romance, Maeve must find the strength to save not only her kingdom, but the four cursed men who’ve dedicated themselves to her. Their path is fraught with danger, both mortal and magical like. 

Maeve must sacrifice everything to save those she loves, but will it be enough? 

Delve into this epic fantasy reverse harem steeped with magic and assassins, love and war, and swoon-worthy romance. 

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, and Scribd. 

  1. Stone and Fire
  2. Stone and Blood
  3. Stone and Ash
  4. Stone and Iron

The Obsidian Blade

A new romantic fantasy series coming in 2020.

The price of freedom is steep in blood, trust, and the heart. When hope rests on the edge of a blade, can a woman with deadly aim and a man with devastating magic unite a kingdom on the brink of civil war?

Book One: Raven’s Flight

The Obsidian Blade series is not a Reverse Harem romance.